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Spore - Version v1.79

posted on 2009-10-15 14:01:28
by spoonman184

Requires: [list] [*][url=]Source Python Extensions[/url] [*][url=]EST Commands[/url] [/list]


Select from 20 abilities to evolve into and conquer the competing players! Includes: Sight Hearing Smell Herbivorism Carnivorism Omnivorism Arms Legs Strike Bite Poison Charge Charm Sing Wings Jump Size Natural Armor Camoflauge Intelligence A player starts with 100 DNA to upgrade with. In order to evolve, a player types 'menu' and then selects which abilities to take. As a player does damage, he will gain more DNA.


1. Create a folder called 'spore' in your addons folder. 2. Place '' in this folder. 3. Add 'es_load spore' to your autoexec.cfg file. 4. Start server 5. Edit 'spore.cfg' to your liking (located in spore folder) 6. Reload Spore Note to anyone updating from an older version!!! You may need to delete the database file in your old version or there may be unexpected errors!

Version Notes For v1.79

Updated on: 2010-09-29 20:36:14 EST by spoonman184
v1.79 - The prehook command for damage and damage reduction now relies on SPE

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