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Spawn Effects[v 2.0] ScreenShot

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Spawn Effects[v 2.0] - Version 2.0

posted on 2008-01-30 01:43:06
by Juba_PornBorn


V 2.0 of spawn effects now with say commands to change effects! say !sf, say !blue, say !green, say !red It's based on all sort of effects. A lot of the effects were improved and there are 5 new effects. [size=14][b]Remember to add to download the default vmt in texturelist.txt in cfg\mani_admin_plugin !!![/b][/size] [size=18][b][color=blue]Instalation notes[/color][/b][/size] Place cstrike folder add to autoexec.cfg es_load spawn_effect [size=18][b][color=blue]Configs[/color][/b][/size] [code]block config { // Config variables //You got 20 effects you can choose from es_xset effect_spawn_effect "8" "Type of effect choosen from the list above and others" es_xset player_spawn_time "0.1" "time it takes for effect to show up on spawn" es_xset effect_spawn_time "5" "time effect works" //defaut colors es_xset redargs "20" es_xset greenargs "20" es_xset blueargs "255" //turn to 1 to set player color and transparency es_xset playercolor "0" //time it will take taking him back to normal //you can use a diferent set by putting it //es_xset colortime "5" in wick 5 is the amount of seconds it will take es_xset colortime server_var(effect_spawn_time) "time of colored player" es_xset redplayer "20" es_xset greenplayer "150" es_xset blueplayer "255" es_xset transparency "50" }[/code]

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2008-01-30 01:43:05 EST by Juba_PornBorn (View Zip Contents)
[size=18][b][color=blue]Added[/color][/b][/size] - Improved effects - 5 new effects - added est_effects - added admin say commands (requires admin auth) . say !sf (1 to 25) this commands have a limiter that sets it automaticly if number is higher then 255 or lower then 0 . say !red (0 to 255) . say !green (0 to 255) . say !blue (0 to 255) - added player colors and tranparency in spawn turned off by default since some deathmatch and other scripts have there own player colors set to turn it on just use the values above in config

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