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Spawn Effects [2.1] ScreenShot

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Spawn Effects [2.1] - Version 2.1

posted on 2008-03-09 21:10:12
by Juba_PornBorn



V 2.1 of spawn effects now with say commands to change effects! say !modfx !sf, say !blue, say !green, say !red It's based on all sort of effects. [size=18][b][color=blue]New features![/color][/b][/size] -New say command !modfx to change between normal spawn effects, team effects or random. In config you just set the effects you want randomized divided by semicolon (;) example: es_set random_effect "1;4;10;15;22" in team effects you choose distinct effects for each team: es_set team_ct_effect "8" "CT_chosen_effect" es_set team_t_effect "5" "T_chosen_effect" -Team colors wich means now you can have blue player color for CT and red for T at spawn -Anti-spawn-camping wich means if an enemy player is near the place you spawn he will be pushed away (configurable) [size=18][b][color=blue]Configs[/color][/b][/size] [code] //mod you want to use es_xset mod_effect "3" "1-regular ; 2-random ; 3-team effects" //regular effect es_set spawn_effect "8" //insert wich random effects effects you want separated by ; es_set random_effect "1;4;10;15;22" //effect for each team es_set team_ct_effect "8" "CT_chosen_effect" es_set team_t_effect "5" "T_chosen_effect" //turn push enemy players on es_xset push_players_away "1" "turn 1/0 to use push players away from spawn+ points" //minimum safe distance to push enemy players at spawn es_xset minimum_distance "200" //how much should it push es_xset push_it "300" // Config variables //You got 20 effects you can choose from es_xset number "5" "Type of effect choosen from 1 to 25" es_xset player_spawn_time "0.1" "time it takes for effect to show up on spawn" es_xset effect_spawn_time "5" "time effect works" //defaut colors es_xset redargs "20" es_xset greenargs "20" es_xset blueargs "255" //turn to 1 to set player color and transparency turn to 2 to use separate blue for ct and red for t colors es_xset playercolor "2" //time it will take taking him back to normal //you can use a diferent set by putting it //es_xset colortime "5" in wick 5 is the amount of seconds it will take es_set colortime "5" "time of colored player" es_xset transparency "50" "used on both teams also" es_xset redplayer "20" es_xset greenplayer "0" es_xset blueplayer "255"[/code]


[size=18][b][color=blue]Instalation notes[/color][/b][/size] Place in cstrike folder add to autoexec.cfg es_load spawn_effect

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2008-03-09 21:20:56 EST by Juba_PornBorn (View Zip Contents)
New features: Random effects, team effects, team player colors (red and blue), anti-spawn camping

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