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Source Survey - Version 1.1.1

posted on 2008-12-15 18:57:01
by freddukes


The idea for this mod was given to me by [url=]fearts[/url] ([url=]Form Link[/url]). Basically this mod allows you to set up questions which will act as a survey. You can set up a reward system as an incentive to finish your survey. The players will only receive this reward if they do the entire survey. Whilst the survey is active - the user can cancel at any time, but they will not get their reward. Only 1 user can vote; once voted they are stuck with their decision until the database is deleted. The user can't simply spam the popups with random numbers because they can only vote after x seconds to ensure they've read it. There are 2 ways to view the individual results. One is to type "!results" in chat which will bring up a popup full of your questions. Clicking on one will take you to a page where it will tell you the total votes for the question, then a breakdown of how many each answer for that question got, and a relative percentage. The second way to view your results is by individual people. The results are stored in the following directory: ../results/year here/month here/date.txt To configure this addon, follow the direction in ../config.cfg To add / remove questions to / from the survey, follow the instructions inside ../config.cfg


Using es_install you can type the following command: [code]es_install sourcesurvey autoload[/code] or manually, download this then extract to ../cstrike/ or any other game mod directory. Add "es_load sourcesurvey" to autoexec.cfg and modify it.

Version Notes For 1.1.1

Updated on: 2008-12-17 08:51:47 EST by freddukes (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*] You should now be able to place apostrophise in question titles and answers. [*] The written text file should write the answers in the correct order - not a random one. [/list]

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