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Source Radio - Version 1.5

posted on 2008-07-10 06:07:21
by theresthatguy


This is an in-game radio using The idea is that is very similar to SourceMod's Radio so that players can seamlessly use it. One major difference being that SM: Radio uses popups to list all the stations but I have categorized them by genre. Players can access menu by saying !radio or /radio. Players can switch radio off by saying !radiooff or /radiooff. Big credits to Undead for letting me use [url=]Undead's Radio[/url] as a base starting point.


Add contents to your 'addons/eventscripts/' directory. Add es_load sourceradio to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2008-08-18 15:30:16 EST by theresthatguy (View Zip Contents)
Updated to take advantage of ES 248c

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