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SoScore - Version 0.9 Beta

posted on 2009-01-10 16:32:41
by forlix


For soccer maps. Registers the individual player that shot the goal and credits him with a centermessage, message in the chat area, and a score point. If there was a passer, he will also be mentioned in the chat area message, but not given any points. The script balances the scores of players on death as well, so no one looses any points when dying, and the player score count on the scoreboard clearly displays how many goals the individual player has scored. The scoreboard will no longer be filled with negative scores, but show zeros instead for someone who has not scored a goal at all. The script sets up the maps entity network in such a way that it does most of the work of tracking the players at the ball, and there will only be a single call back to the script when a goal has been scored, where the shooters userid, and the team number whose goal has been shot is handed over. If there was a passer (the shooter only knifed the ball once before it entered the goal), he will be reported in a seperate call. The script also provides logging capability, logging goals, own goals, and passers if existing. Keep in mind, the "shooter" is always considered to be the one who last knifed the ball. Pushing the ball into the goal may give erroneous results. Analogous, the passer is always the next to last to knife the ball. The passer is only reported if he's on the same team as the shooter, and the goal was NOT an own goal. [b]COMMANDS:[/b] None. The script automatically enables only on maps listed in the config section. It has to be loaded by autoexec on map start, it should not be loaded in the middle of a map (in that case, the goal score display would only work for players who joined the server after the script was enabled) [color=red][b]New version out (for SourceMod):[/color] I moved over to sourcemod with all my plugins, and this plugins sourcemod counterpart has much enhanced functionality and probably less resource usage. Some key facts about this plugins sourcemod version: It will set godmode so no one dies, the shooter and goal tracking is similar but more efficient. It will also give score points to passers (using the "Deaths" column of the scoreboard) and the messages are somewhat more fancy. [color=red]Detailed features, info and download:[/color] [url=][/url][/b]


[b]AUTOEXEC.CFG:[/b] (add the following without // at the beginning of the line) es_load soscore

Version Notes For 0.9 Beta

Updated on: 2009-01-10 20:51:32 EST by forlix (View Zip Contents)
0.9 Beta - This is an almost final version with public testing, and should be bug free. However, I will not maintain it or work on it further, just release it in the hope that it will be useful as it took some time to write.

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