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w00t! - Version v0.5

posted on 2009-11-18 13:08:39
by pinkie

Description proudly presents their radio mod made by Mark! !listen - Opens our listen window !request <songname> - This uploads your selection to the web requests and if a dj on air who has it, will play it shortly !shoutout <message> - Same as request but allows the dj to see it as a shoutout instead IF YOU WANT TO MODIFY THIS TO YOUR RADIO PLEASE INCLUDE KUDOS AS I WORKED HARD ON THIS TO PERFECT IT! Coming soon - !radioinfo !dj !song !irc


Create a folder in your scripts folder with the name "sonu" Then copy the es_sonu.txt into that folder. Add the following line of code to the autoexec.cfg [code] es_load sonu [/code]

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Updated on: 2009-11-18 13:08:39 EST by pinkie
First version!

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