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Soccerball - Version 1.32

posted on 2008-09-28 11:45:35
by forlix


This addon for CSS (may also work on other mods but untested) allows you to offer players to spawn their own soccer balls in any map, just by typing !soccer in the chat. The script has a built in filter, and automatically disables on any map with "ka_soccer" in its name. However, it can be turned on manually if you desire. Of course you can set the max. number of balls each player can spawn per round. Default is 2. [b]For players to be able to actually shoot the ball it is recommended to set phys_pushscale to 900 permanently.[/b] The download includes a ball model with very similar physics to the one known from ka_soccer_200x maps. The script marks the model and material files as downloadable. [u]Command to spawn a ball:[/u] Type [b]!soccer[/b] in chat The script will also announce this on every round start if it is enabled (not on ka_soccer maps by default). [color=red][b]New version out (for SourceMod):[/color] I moved over to sourcemod with all my plugins, and this plugins sourcemod counterpart has much enhanced functionality and probably less resource usage. Some key facts about this plugins sourcemod version: - Kills by soccer ball will be shown in the top right corner of the screen just like kills by knife or rifle - Players will get score points for the kills - All prop_physics objects in a map will behave like this and can be used to kill people - Teamkills can be punished by third party plugin such as Mani-Admin [color=red]Detailed features, info and download:[/color] [url=][/url][/b]


Extract the contents of the .zip into your cstrike folder, add [b]es_load soccerball[/b] to the autoexec.cfg, thats it! By default the script lets players spawn 2 balls per round, you can edit this in the [b]addons/eventscripts/soccerball/es_soccerball.txt[/b] You may want to bind keys for manual control of the script - either use rcon soccerball_on rcon soccerball_off or if you have Mani-Admin installed ma_rcon soccerball_on ma_rcon soccerball_off You can also add the commands to the rconlist.txt in [b]cfg/mani_admin_plugin/[/b] and you'll be able to switch it on and off by Mani's menu (rcon section). If you use an extra server for the downloads ([b]sv_downloadurl[/b]), dont forget to put the model files and materials on that server too.

Version Notes For 1.32

Updated on: 2009-01-10 21:08:27 EST by forlix (View Zip Contents)
- Added round start protection - Balls can now only be spawned after a preset amount of time, this helps to prevent annoying spawn-teamkills. - Optimized the code. - Made logging optional and changed log line to standard SRCDS format. - Changed handling of menu send/resend. Should the menu get lost, for example when the player opens a radio message menu on top, it was previously impossible to spawn a ball for the rest of the round. The script now sends an update menu command, should the player retype .soccer after having lost the menu. - Also, a small bug was fixed, where players were able to spawn one more ball than the limit allowed, by keeping the menu open until the next round. - Command to spawn balls was changed to .soccer, as this is easier to type. - v1.32: Some minor optimizations and changes... Please download this one, the others are messed up...

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