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Soccer Mod 2009 - Version 2.0

posted on 2009-04-08 09:31:48
by dordtcore

Requires: [list][*][url=]ES_Tools version .420[/url] [/list]


[b]This version does NOT work anymore after the update to the OrangeBox engine, due to ES Tools being broken. Use this version instead: [url][/url][/b] Soccer Mod 2009 consists of 8 modules (all modules can be disabled): [list] [*][b]Cap match[/b] [list] [*]Put all players to spectator [*]Start a cap fight [list] [*]Knife [*]HE grenade [*]3 custom weapons [*]Drug [*]High speed [/list] [/list] [*][b]Match[/b] [list] [*]Start, pause or stop a match [*]Ready vote before a match is started (can be disabled) [*]Public start match command (can be disabled) [*]Public stop match command (can be disabled) [*]Displays the score and time during a match (can be disabled) [*]When a match ends in a draw, it will continue with a golden goal (can be disabled) [*]Change the team names [*]Controle the score [*]Substitute players with a menu [*]Statistics: possession, goals, assists, own goals, hits, passes and interceptions [/list] [*][b]Player[/b] [list] [*]God mode (can be disabled) When disabled players can knife eachother and they can die by being hit by the ball [*]Displays the Soccer Mod skins or your own custom skins (can be disabled) [url][/url] [*]Respawn [*]Hurt sounds (can be disabled) [/list] [*][b]Referee[/b] [list] [*]Warnings [list] [*]7 standard warnings which can be changed in the settings menu [*]Custom warning for special situations [/list] [*]Yellow card [*]Red card [*]Punishments [list] [*]Fireworks [*]Give dope [*]Out of breath [*]Lightning [*]Cheer leader [/list] [/list] [*][b]Shout[/b] Adds a menu which all players can use to shout a sound on the pitch. Players can open this menu by typing the shout command in the chat or the console (default: !shout). [*][b]Sprint[/b] Adds the ability to sprint. All players can use this by typing the sprint command in the chat or the console (default: !sprint). [*][b]Training[/b] [list] [*]Ball cannon [list] [*]Set the cannon position [*]Set the cannon aim position [*]Set the randomness of the cannon [*]Set the fire rate of the cannon [*]Set the height of the cannon [*]Set the power of the cannon [/list] [*]Spawn/remove a training ball [url][/url] [*]Disable/enable the goals [/list] [*][b]User menu[/b] Adds a user menu with all the rules and other info about your server and/or clan. All players can open this menu by typing the user menu command in the chat (default: !user). [/list]


Soccer Mod 2009 requires two addons: Eventscripts v1.5.0.171b (or higher) and ES-Tools 0.420. [list] [*]Open the following links and save the zip files on your desktop: [url][/url] (or [url][/url]) [url][/url] [url][/url] [*]Extract all the zip files on your desktop. Right click and select "Extract Here". Right click and select "Extract Here". Right click and select "Extract Here". Now you should have 6 folders on your desktop: "addons", "cfg", "maps", "materials", "models" and "sound" [*]Open "Desktop/addons/eventscripts/soccer_mod_2009/es_soccer_mod_admin_db.txt" with notepad. [b]Note: When editing this file only change the part between the "".[/b] [code] "soccer_mod_admin" { "Your Name" { "steamid" "STEAM_0:0:15057534" "match" "1" "cap_match" "1" "referee" "1" "training" "1" "settings" "1" "manager" "1" } } [/code] Replace Your Name with your own name and STEAM_0:0:15057534 with your own steamid. Save the file. [*]Copy the 6 folders to your server's "cstrike" folder. For example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\your_steam_account_name\source dedicated server\cstrike [*]Open your server's ".../cstrike/cfg/autoexec.cfg" file with notepad. [b]Note: If you dont have a "cfg" folder and/or "autoexec.cfg" file, create them.[/b] Then add the following lines (if they are not there): [code] mattie_eventscripts 1 eventscripts_subdirectory events es_load corelib es_load popup es_load keymenu es_load soccer_mod_2009 [/code] Save the file. Soccer Mod 2009 is now installed. [/list]

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2009-08-24 12:48:54 EST by dordtcore (View Zip Contents)
- fixed a security bug in the match script - fixed bug when scoring at exactly at the end of a period - fixed bugs in the admin menu - fixed bugs in cap match script - fixed bugs in settings menu - fixed having to wait 10 seconds to turn cannon on/off - added statistics: possession, goals, assists, hits, passes and interceptions - added esnq command to get rid of unwanted quotes - added whistle sound for warnings and cards - added no block for cheer leaders - added extra safety feature when spawning a ball - added extra safety features for the settings menu - added change admin name in the manager menu - added extra manager security features - upgraded the ready for match vote - optimized all scripts - removed settings from the settings menu which will almost never be changed

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