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CS 1.6 Style Smokegrenades - Version 0.1

posted on 2007-10-05 20:23:45
by Rio


[size=24][b]CS 1.6 Style Smokegrenades v0.1[/b][/size] [size=18][b]Description:[/b][/size] Smokegrenades dont need a certain time to spread their smoke anymore. [size=18][b]Requirements:[/b][/size] * Mattie Eventscripts ( +) [size=18][b]Installation:[/b][/size] * Upload and unpack the scripts in your cstrike folder. * Edit the config settings in addons/eventscripts/smoke/es_smoke.txt * Add this to your autoexec.cfg [syntax="es"]es_load smoke[/syntax] * Restart your server. [size=18][url=]download[/url][/size] [b]0.1b[/b] first release enjoy it!

Version Notes For 0.1

Updated on: 2007-10-05 21:34:37 EST by Rio (View Zip Contents)
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