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Smart Filter - Version 1.0

posted on 2007-09-13 15:35:10
by Lobe



[size=18][b]Smart Filter[/b][/size] [i]Current version: 1.0 - Revision C[/i] [b]What is Smart Filter[/b] Smart filter is an easy to use chat-filtering script! It simply blocks chat messages that contain words that you specify! Supports '[i]filter-packs[/i]', which are files full of words to be filtered, and custom chat filters. The only filter-pack that comes with it is a pack to stop users sending links (messages with www. and other URL text). It is realy easy to use, and requires barely any setup. [b]What are the commands[/b] The commands are as follows: [u]Server-side[/u] [b]sf_addword[/b] Syntax: sf_addword [WORD TO ADD] [b]sf_delword[/b] Syntax: sf_delword [WORD TO REMOVE] [b]sf_words[/b] No Syntax: Simply prints a list of filtered words to the console [u]Client-side[/u] [b]sf_words[/b] No syntax: Simply prints a list of filtered words to the client console [b]Why should you use it[/b] It is a powerful, and yet small and simple script. [b]Download[/b] [b]Click the download link at the top of the page[/b] [b]How do i add new messages?[/b] Simply edit the sf_config.cfg in [i]../cfg/smart_filter[/i], with the syntax that is explained within the file. Alternatively you can use RCON to add new filters: [b]rcon sf_addword [WORD][/b] [b]Note:[/b] When the script is unloaded and re-loaded, any messages added that are not in the config file will not be added.

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