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SIC-Hide n Seek - Version 0.3

posted on 2009-04-10 00:18:32
by sicman_adrian


Rewrite of the old Hide n Seek * Never heard of it???? Well Terrorist objective is survive by blending in using props in there surroundings Counter-Terrorist objective is to eliminate them before round ends . There is a penalty for when they fire there weapon Features - Third person with out sv_cheats - Default maps props have already been done for you to add more find propsmenu.ini - Hurt sounds - Asks them to Turn there radar off and also checks if they turned it back on - !whistle - Noblock option Problems: Players have to type cl_radaralpha 0 into console as your unable to force command


1. Extract into /cstrike 2. Add es_load hns to autoexec.cfg 3. Restart Server *Note* Config is created when it first loads

Version Notes For 0.3

Updated on: 2009-05-22 07:43:08 EST by sicman_adrian (View Zip Contents)
Fixed Menu not showing till next map

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