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SFZoomWeapon - Version 0.1.2

posted on 2011-08-25 17:25:05
by Hisoka


Various levels of zoom to be used with any weapon. U can edit: [list] [*]Show/no messages [*]Choose language portuguese/english/French/Spanish (sorry if there are errors of grammar) [/list] User console cmds: [list] [*]sfzoomin - 5 levels of zoom in [*]sfzoomout - 5 levels of zoom out [*]megazoom - simple ultra zoom in / out [/list] Use !zw for autobind console cmds on the keys: [list] [*]sfzoomin - mwheelup [*]sfzoomout - mwheeldown [*]megazoom - mouse3 [/list]


[list=1] [*]Extract; [*]Take the addons folder and put it in your cstrike/ folder; [*]Find and Open es_sfzoomweapon.txt; [*]Make the change of language; [*]Save; [*]Enjoy =) [/list]

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Updated on: 2011-08-25 17:25:05 EST by Hisoka (View Zip Contents)

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