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Sexy Scout [1.5] - Version v0.2

posted on 2008-10-15 10:23:56
by kobo1d



This Script provides a trigger which can be fired by a player to recieve a (free) Scout. Fully customizeable! Just edit the config part and HF :) If you have feedback & ideas, feel free to tell me.. This is how deep u can modify it: [code] // // CONFIG PART ( 1=yes / 0=no ) // //activate/deactivate script (1/0) sexy_scout 1 //activate/deactivate chat announcement (1/0) sexy_announce 1 //remove everything (weapons, armor etc) form the player before getting a scout (1/0) //if set to 0 the player only loose his primary weapon if equipped and gets a scout then sexy_strip 0 //who can use this command (1=ct only, 2=t only, 3=both teams) sexy_team 3 //fully loaded or empty scout (1=loaded/0=empty) sexy_ammo 1 //which trigger should fire the script (put a string) sexy_trigger "!scout" //price of the scout (0=free, number=price; like 200 means 200$) sexy_price 0 [/code]


1.) Download the file 2.) Create a folder inside cstrike/addons/eventscripts called 'sexyscout' (without '') 3.) Place the Downloaded file in there 4.) Edit the script at the top part (config) 5.) Open your autoexec.cfg and put this line there 'es_load sexyscout' (without '') 6.) Restart your Server and have phun !! :)

Version Notes For v0.2

Updated on: 2008-10-15 12:19:58 EST by kobo1d
v0.2 -> BugFix Whoops, forgot to abstract sum money, if the scout isnt free!

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