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ServerVar Enforcement - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-07-20 17:27:24
by sgt.angel


Ever wanted to give an admin RCON access but you weren't sure he wasn't going to turn on sv_cheats? Now you can easily give your admins RCON access normally and ServerVar Enforcement Mod will make sure they won't change the variables you set.


1. Make sure your server meets the requirements posted above first. If you do not have the requirements met, you will experience problems. 2. Download and unzip the ServerVar Enforcement zip file 3. Edit the SV_ variables you want to enforce in the [b]es_servervar_settings_db.txt[/b] file by following the format shown in the 2 examples 4. Upload all the files to your [b]cstrike[/b] directory on your game server overwriting any existing files 5. Add [b]es_load servervar_enforcement[/b] to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] file 6. Restart Server

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2008-07-20 17:27:24 EST by sgt.angel (View Zip Contents)
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