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SourceBans Parser: ES - Version 0.2.1

posted on 2010-10-16 10:22:07
by hit_ejik


This addon parsing bans from SourceBans. Tested on CS:S, but it maybe works with other games.


[b]I. Web Part Instalation:[/b] ------------------------------------- 1) Open file 'check.php' and edit database settings: [quote]Change 'db_user' to database user name Change 'db_password' to database user password Change 'db_name' to database name[/quote] 2) Save file. 3) Upload file 'check.php' to the site. [b]II. Server Part Instalation:[/b] ------------------------------------- 1) Upload files from folder 'gameserver' to the server. 2) Open file '' and edit your settings: [quote]# Time in minutes between updates updatetime = 3 # SourceBans URL sb_url = '' # SourceBans check.php URL sb_url_check = '' # Admin List admins = ['STEAM_0:1:20193530', 'STEAM_0:1:23456789'][/quote] 3) Save file. 4) Add 'es_load sb_es' to your 'autoexec.cfg'. 5) Restart your server or type in server console 'es_load sb_es'

Version Notes For 0.2.1

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