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Say System - Version 3.0.3

posted on 2007-07-24 18:02:00
by [NATO]Hunter


[b][size=20]Say System Addon[/size][/b] [color=red][b]This ScriptAddon requires Mattie's Eventscripts v2.0.0.247a or higher![/b][/color] [b][size=18]Description:[/size][/b] This scriptaddon allows players to play predefined sounds by typing commands in their chat. [b][size=18]Features:[/size][/b] * Players are limited to only play a specific number of sounds per rounds. * Admins can play special sounds and aren't limited. * Players can execute special commands. * Players and Admins can type [b]!soundlist[/b] to view their personal allowed sounds. * Players and Admins can type [b]!commandlist[/b] to view their personal allowed commands. * Players can type [b]!sounds[/b] to deactivate or activate their sounds. [b][size=18]Requirements:[/size][/b] * Mattie Eventscripts [i]([url=][/url] +)[/i] * [url=]Auth Interface[/url] from Mattie EventScripts [b][size=18]Installation:[/size][/b] * Extract the file into your folder and upload the files * Configurations are stored in the .txt file inside the say_system folder * Add the config to your [b]server.cfg[/b]: [syntax="es"]// How much days should inactive users be stored, before their settings get deleted? ( default = 30 ) say_system_savetime 30 // Should the sounds be downloaded with EventScripts? say_system_soundload 1 // Default settings for new connecting players say_system_default 1 // How much sounds can normal (non-admin) players play each round? say_system_limit 2 // Should the admin sounds always play? say_system_force 0 // Should the sound trigger be shown? say_system_show 1[/syntax] * Load an Auth Interface Provider inside [b]autoexec.cfg[/b]. For example: [syntax="es"]es_load examples/auth/basic_auth es_set BASIC_AUTH_ADMIN_LIST "STEAM_ID_LAN;STEAM_0:0:571273;STEAM_0:0:7103742;"[/syntax] * Add this to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] (after Auth): [syntax="es"]es_load say_system[/syntax] * Restart your server [b][size=18]Note:[/size][/b] The default sound setup includes the Mani Admin Plugin sounds. [b][size=18]License:[/size][/b] [url=][img][/img][/url] Have Fun :) Greets Hunter

Version Notes For 3.0.3

Updated on: 2009-01-03 10:07:52 EST by [NATO]Hunter (View Zip Contents)
Fixed crash issue.

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