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Sands of Time - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-11-18 12:07:24
by WhiteAvenger



Have you ever played a round, getting yourself killed by a camper or just by not paying attention for a second? Or entering somewhere, knowing there was a camper in there, but not where? And afterwards you regretted not being able to turn back time and play that exact situation again, to react in a better way? Now you can! By saying !sotsave at some point in a round, any player can save the position in time and, later in the round, revert to it by saying !sotreset. [i]Everything[/i] is saved and reverted: Health, Armor, Ammo, Dead/Alive, Position... you name it! You can even adjust who gets to reset the time: Anyone, only the player themself, anyone from the same team, or even anyone from the opposite team! [i]New:[/i] Choices now also include random players or random teams! [i]NEW:[/i] You can now set who gets to save the time, too: Anyone, a random player, a random team, or... the teams take turns! [i]NEW:[/i] To manage the new choices and change them during gameplay, admins set within the file (see installation instructions for details) can now use the all-new SOT admin menu through the command !sotadmin. The only thing not being reset are the kills & deaths, because that would make the whole game pointless. So... turn back time and have the same fun again!

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2007-11-23 14:33:16 EST by WhiteAvenger (View Zip Contents)
- added sot_saverestrict with the following options: anyone, random player, random team, teams take turns - extended sot_userestrict to include random player or random teams - added individual messages at roundstart depending on sot_saverestrict and sot_userestrict options - added all-new SOT admin menu to change save & use restrictions in-game

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