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runningline - Version 1.10

posted on 2010-12-07 13:20:51
by sega74rus


WARNING! must be installed [url=]popuplib2 [/url] This addon displays a scrolling menu when you connect the player or team from the chat room [b]!info[/b] .


1. unzip the "cstrike" 2. add \cstrike\cfg\autoexec.cfg [code]es_load runningline[/code] 3. Open the file runningline/text.txt and enter your text 4.restart server

Version Notes For 1.10

Updated on: 2010-12-14 16:01:16 EST by sega74rus (View Zip Contents)
Added: [LIST] [*]text input through a file runningline/text.txt [*]Russian characters in the font table [/LIST]

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