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BackRaw's RoundStats - Version 1.2

posted on 2009-10-10 14:17:44
by BackRaw

Tags: css headshots


This script counts every kill, headshot and damage + hits for every player. On the end of each round, it sorts out the players with[list][*]Most Kills [*]Team-Bash [*]Most Headshots [*]Most Damage + Hits[/list] Hope you like it... ;D


1. Extract the Zip-file to ./cstrike 2. Add [b]es_load roundstats[/b] to your autoexec.cfg file 3. Change the map

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2009-10-18 09:38:56 EST by BackRaw (View Zip Contents)
Updated with Satoon's method of getting the best of each. Thanks Satoon! =)

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