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Respect - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-07-02 14:32:13
Led by craziest
Collaborators: neo_gis


This plugin allows you to give or take respect points from friends. If they do a large killing streak or do something stupid, you can show your feelings with this plugin! The plugin allows you to customize the commands along with saving the respect database and plugin announcing! All from one config file. A finalbattleground-like respect points system. Requires nothing else except the newest eventscripts. Have fun and enjoy! [syntax="es"]// ****************************** // ****** RESPECT SETTINGS ****** // ******** BY CRAZIEST ********* // Load this plugin with: es_load respect // Edit the following settings: // -- Command Options -- // The command used to give someone a respect point respect_give_command "!up" // The command used to take a respect point from someone respect_take_command "!down" // The command to view your respect points / given respect points respect_view_command "!repview" // The command used to tell players how to use the respect system respect_help_command "!rephelp" // -- Other Options -- // The maximum times the player can give/take respect - resets on map change (0 = Unlimited) respect_max_uses 2 // Announce on round start the plugin is running respect_announce_plugin 1 // Save the respect to a database on map start/unload so the data isn't lost respect_save 1 // End of config! // Post on the forums if you have any suggestions/problems // Coded by .craziesT [/syntax]


1. Download the script, 2. Upload it to the /cstrike/ directory 3. Edit the settings in the config file 4. Add es_load respect to your autoexec file 5. Give respect points to your friends!

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