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Reinforcement Waves - Version 1.0.5

posted on 2008-07-14 04:17:46
by Warren



Respawn reinforcements in waves (similar to the BattleField games). You will have a certain number of reinforcements available to respawn after death. They will spawn in waves to create strategic gameplay.


Extract the zip file to your cstrike folder so that your addons folders line up Add [b]es_load reinforcement_waves[/b] to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server. Adjust the Configs as you wish: [syntax="python"]# The time between TERRORIST respawn waves t_respawn_rate = 21 # The time between COUNTER-TERRORIST respawn waves ct_respawn_rate = 30 # Uses this multiplier to set the number of reinforcements per team (resets at the start of each round) # This will override the t_reinforcements_number and ct_reinforcements_number (below) # If set to 4 and there are five terrorists playing (for example) there will be 20 reinforcments for terrorists that round # 0 = Disabled reinforcements_multiplier = 3 # The number of TERRORIST reinforcements # (overwritten if reinforcements_multiplier is enabled) t_reinforcements_number = 30 # The number of COUNTER-TERRORIST reinforcements # (overwritten if reinforcements_multiplier is enabled) ct_reinforcements_number = 30 # If all reinforcement spawning should end once the bomb is planted bomb_plant_end = 1 # The ammount of time you are protected after spawning # 0 = Disabled spawn_protection = 2 # Ammount of time to freeze the player when they spawn # 0 = Disabled freeze_time = 2 # The ammount of cash the player has when they spawn cash_amount = 4000 # Dissolve the player's body when they die instead of just deleting their body? dissolver = 1[/syntax]

Version Notes For 1.0.5

Updated on: 2008-11-12 04:04:08 EST by Warren (View Zip Contents)
Changed the method of spawn protection.

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