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Server Rules - Portuguese/English - Version 1.1

posted on 2010-06-17 04:21:43
by rodrapt


[b]//Portuguese[/b] Este addon permite que quando os jogadores entrem no servidor vejam as regras do mesmo! O jogador pode ver as regras a qualquer momento se escrever no chat [b]!rules[/b] //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [b]//English[/b] This addon allow the players who connects to the server, to wiew the server rules. The players can type [b]!rules[/b] in the chat in any momemnt and the rules will appear! *Sorry my Bad English! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


[b]//Portuguese[/b] 1) Extraia os ficheiros/pastas do addon para o seu servidor 2) Adicione [i]es_load servrules[/i] ao ficheiro autoexec.cfg ou server.cfg //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [b]//English[/b] 1) Extract and upload all files to your server 2) Add [i]es_load servrules[/i] to your autoexec.cfg or server.cfg ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Version Notes For 1.1

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