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RandMaps - Version 1

posted on 2007-10-22 06:33:24
by SuperDave


Makes servers play the map cycle in a random order. Requires only ES 2.0+ Options:[syntax="es"]// RandMaps release 1 options // ./addons/eventscripts/randmaps/randmaps.cfg // // Load this addon with: es_load randmaps // ***** Option ***** randmaps_percentuntilreplay 30 // Percent of the maps in the cycle that must be played before a map is allowed back into the list of possible maps [default 30] // The closer this number is to 100 the more predictable your map cycle will be. // ***** Usage ***** // While this addon is loaded the next map will be randomly set every time a new map loads. // The name of the next map can be found in the server variable "eventscripts_nextmapoverride". // This addon introduces two new server commands: // loadmapcycle -map cycle file- // This command loads a new map cycle where -map cycle file- is relative to the game directory (./cstrike/-map cycle file-). // nextmap [map] // The map argument is optional. New maps are automatically added to the internal map cycle. // This command is recomended as the "changelevel" command will not function correctly while this addon is loaded.[/syntax] Please see the forum link below if you have questions or comments.

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