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Quizzo - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-07-31 16:30:05
by Lumpi@Work

Tags: fun math quiz


[b]Quizzo[/b] is a funny addon to prove the math skills of your players. It generates every round a random math quiz and sends it to a random player. If the player gives the right answer, he gets different rewards. If not, the player will be punished. With an built-in stats system every player can view his own stats and reset them if necessary. - Different rewards: Cash, Health, Items, Speed - Different punishments [b]In-game commands:[/b] [b]"!quizzo 1/0"[/b] - Turn Quizzo on/off [b]"!quizzostats"[/b] - Show your stats [b]"!quizzodel"[/b] - Reset your stats The stats and player settings are stored in a SQLite database. [b]Configuration (quizzo.cfg):[/b] [code]// ************************************* // Quizzo Configuration // ************************************* // Interval to generate quizzes (1 = every round) quizzo_interval 2 // Players needed to activate Quizzo quizzo_min_players 2 // Timelimit for quizzes quizzo_timelimit 7 // Possible solutions (n-1 are fake solutions) quizzo_possible_solutions 4 // Smallest number to use for generating a quiz quizzo_min_number 1 // Biggest number to use for generating a quiz quizzo_max_number 15 // Operator ("+","-","*","/" or "random") quizzo_operator "random" // Activate stats quizzo_stats 1 // Set the rewards (0 = disable) // Extra cash quizzo_reward_cash 6000 // Bonus item (example: "weapon_ak47" or "item_assaultsuit") quizzo_reward_item 0 // Extra health quizzo_reward_health 100 // Extra speed (1.5x) quizzo_reward_speed 1 // Set the punishments (0 = disable) // Take cash quizzo_punish_cash 0 // Strip weapons (only knife) quizzo_punish_strip 0 // Take health quizzo_punish_health 0 // Slow speed (0.6x) quizzo_punish_speed 0[/code]


[LIST=1] [*]Download the file and extract the files into the folder "cstrike" at your server. Change the quizzo.cfg to your likings. [*]Load Quizzo with this command: [b]es_load quizzo[/b] [*]Change the map [/LIST]

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