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Quake Sounds - Version 0.1

posted on 2007-10-30 08:36:37
by Rio

Tags: css es quake sounds


[size=24][b]Quake Sounds v0.1[/b][/size] [size=18][b]Description:[/b][/size] Quake Sounds [size=18][b]Requirements:[/b][/size] * Mattie Eventscripts (2.0) [size=18][b]Installation:[/b][/size] * Upload and unpack the scripts in your cstrike folder. * Edit the config settings in addons/eventscripts/quake/ * Add this to your autoexec.cfg [syntax="es"]es_load quake[/syntax] * Restart your server. [size=18][b]Config:[/b][/size] Quake Sound is fully customizable. You can add your own Quake Sounds by open the keygroup: es_quake_sounds_db.txt [b]mode[/b]: * 1 = All players can hear the sound * 2 = Only the victim and the attacker hear the sound * 3 = Only the victim hears the sound * 4 = Only the attacker hears the sound [b]visual mode[/b]: * 1 = All players can see the message * 2 = Only the victim and the attacker see the message * 3 = Only the victim sees the message * 4 = Only the attacker sees the message [b]sound[/b]: path to soundfile without sound dir. (autodownload on) [b]trigger_count[/b]: Sounds/Message triggers after x kills [b]message[/b]: Toptext message. #user and #attacker get replaced by the usernames. [b]headshot[/b]: trigger sound/msg only if the kill was a headshot [b]teamkill[/b]: trigger sound/msg only if the kill was a teamkill You can turn off autodownload by changing the value of qautodownload in to 0: [syntax="python"]qautodownload = 0[/syntax] [size=18][b]Bug:[/b][/size] There is a bug in popup? which cause the title not displayed correctly. If you are getting annoyed by this you can turn the popup off and toggle quake sounds in chat by changing the value of qsettings in to 0: [syntax="python"]qsettings = 0[/syntax] [b]0.1[/b] first release enjoy it!

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first release

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