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Prop Spawning - Version 0.03

posted on 2008-04-08 02:19:22
by ChoGGi



if you dont want to see Unknown command "then" Unknown command "then" when you "say" in console DO NOT USE PROPS WITHOUT COLLISION MODEL. crashes my server (use hammer model viewer or something to see if it has one) props_foliage/cattails.mdl < bad props_interiors/vendingmachinesoda01a.mdl < good edit es_propspawning.txt to change: max amount of props enable/disable prop/cube spawning set the cost of cubes (see database files for prop cost) cmds to use (chat, console, or bind) !proptoggle = toggle props on/off (admin only) !propspawn = spawn a prop !propdel = delete prop your looking at (only spawned props) !propmove = move/rotate prop (only spawned props, its kinda buggy only moves the models not the collision model) !propmenu = choose a prop to spawn (again kinda buggy, menus sometimes dissappear) !prophelp = show help !cubetoggle = toggle cubes on/off (admin only) !cubespawn = spawn a cube sometimes prop_physics just fall through the level sometimes prop_dynamic turn non solid (and usually undeleteable) Credits: Juba_PornBorn for his/her "Prop Wars [Portal theme]" eventscript (thanks for letting me know about the cube model :) Freddukes for his/her "SpawnProp v2.0" eventscript (if it stayed on the same menu after a selection this wouldn't exist) .miniman. and danidomen for a kickass weighted companion cube model (i halved the 1024 res textures for smaller filesize) try it out on screenshots if you want the map argh my eyes ah much better


copy files to cstrike folder add the following line at the bottom of autoexec.cfg: es_load propspawning also needs (if you havent already loaded them, not needed for 0.2) es_load es_popup es_load es_keymenu thanks [Rizen] Forum T.V. |SN| for pointing that out

Version Notes For 0.03

Updated on: 2009-05-20 06:00:58 EST by ChoGGi (View Zip Contents)
fixed a little bug when using server console to say !propmenu

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