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Props - Version 1.4

posted on 2011-01-11 10:52:07
by TheCheeTaH


Allows admin to easily spawn props. Just type !props, select a category, and finally select prop. There's a TXT (../cfg/eventscripts/props/props.txt) file where you set categories and props. Very easy. The syntax for adding a prop is: |Add Prop|category|prop name|type|radius|prop path|optional comments Don't worry, there's a nice explanation in the TXT file!;) You can configure admins and command to open the menu in the PY file (../addons/eventscripts/props/ Script was requested by Syrach ( on here Special thanks to: DanielB (, he helped me with the send page in prop menu: HOLLDIDAY (, I got the props from his addon est_admin (, however mine uses a different syntax, so it sadly wasn't just copy-pasting, was kinda a lot of work. I wouldn't say I stole the props from him, let's say I got some inspiration! ^^


Extract to Cstike\ Add the props you want in ../cfg/eventscripts/props/props.txt, however there should be enough by default Configure admins and command to open the menu in the PY file (../addons/eventscripts/props/ Put "es_xload props" in your ../cfg/autoexec.cfg Restart your server Enjoy!

Version Notes For 1.4

Updated on: 2011-03-13 14:55:29 EST by TheCheeTaH (View Zip Contents)
*1.4: **The script now works in Linux. ***This means that the following things are broken: ****Delete. You can't delete props anymore! ****Radius. Script no longer checks if you're spawning on a player! ****Prop Management. You can no longer rotate/colo props! ****Props Info. You can no longer get a props info, like angle, color, index and owner! ***You can however make them work again by simply setting QueueSpawns to 0. This will crash Linux servers. Only do it on Windows! *1.3: **Added 'Colors' to 'Prop Management' (As requested by Vintage) **Added another choice in the main menu: 'Prop Information' ***Added 'Angle' to 'Prop Information' ***Added 'Color' to 'Prop Information' ***Added 'Index' to 'Prop Information' **Added 'Owner' to 'Prop Information' - Only works on Dynamic props! *1.2: **This is a kinda small update, but I forgot to make !props 'silent'. So if you type !props now, it won't be sent to chat. The new syntax is: !props [category] You can simply type !props, if you just want to get to the main menu. If you want to get to the "monsters"-props-category, just type: !props monsters *1.1: **Fixed bookcase_large **Added Rotate (As requested by Proxi) **Added Delete (As requested by Proxi) *1.0: **Released

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