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PopupAdmin - Version 1.53

posted on 2006-08-16 20:07:30
by GODJonez


Server administering script with many features: Player management: [list][*]Kick and ban players [*]Slay and explode players [*]Freeze and burn players [*]Give weapons and equipment to players [*]Take and give money [*]Give temporary PopupAdmin access [*]Manual anti-camp punishments including emitting sounds from camping players, making them drop weapons etc.[/list] Bot management: [list][*]Add bots to auto-assign or specified team [*]Kick all bots [*]Slay all bots [*]Fill server with bots (default to 8) [*]Change bot difficulty[/list] [*]Server management: [list][*]Toggle friendly fire [*]Toggle sv_cheats [*]Toggle sv_lan [*]Alter gravity level [*]Toggle flashlight [*]Admin action visibility (none, user only, admins, all)[/list] Script management: [list][*]Enabled or disable other script addons on the server[/list] Note: this script is currently discontinued and unsupported.

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Updated on: 2007-12-05 13:15:40 EST by GODJonez
Test upload really

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