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One-on-one poker - Version 1.0

posted on 2007-10-22 09:58:33
by GODJonez

Tags: css fun silly


This is an experimental script that lets the players on your server play poker using popup menus. When there are only two players left alive, one in each team, the script asks them if they would like to end the round with a game of poker. If both players answer yes, then all map objectives are removed and the players are frozen to make the poker to be the only way to end the game. The rules are simple: Both players are given five cards from a shuffled 52 card deck (no Jokers). They can discard the cards they want once, to get replacement cards from the deck. When both players have changed their cards, the script checks which one has the better hand and that team wins. The loser is automatically killed and the winner is credited with one kill to the game's score table. This script detects the following hands: [list] [*]Royal flush [*]Four same [*]Straight flush [*]Full house [*]Flush [*]Straight [*]Three same [*]Two pairs [*]None of the above [/list] If both players have the same type of hand, then the winner is determined by giving certain suits more value and taking into account the highest card number the player has, etc. The players that are dead or spectating can view the game with a special spectator popup that automatically updates the view as the players do their choices.

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2007-10-22 09:58:32 EST by GODJonez (View Zip Contents)
First release, supports two languages, English and partial Finnish. If you want to help translate it into other languages supported by Steam, feel free to send the translated messages from all popups as a reply to the forum thread.

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