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Pirate Bay English v3.5 - Version 3.5

posted on 2009-12-18 15:28:46
by Memphis-84



This addon puts a lot of more fun into a normal CSS Day:D You can Buy somthing to eat and gain HP! You can Buy something to drink and gain AP! You can go out with Girls and gain Speed and Ammo. And a litte Script that u allows to find some Secrets:D


Only Copy the Files out of the Zip file into your evenscript Folder and type this into your "autoexec.cfg" es_load pearl_english es_load bbank es_load cmsg

Version Notes For 3.5

Updated on: 2009-12-18 16:08:31 EST by Memphis-84 (View Zip Contents)
Version 3.5 Adding the Config settings to make it mor smoother to Configurate! Version 3.0 Adding the Bank say if you want it to. Version 2.0 Adding the Girls and the Secret functionality. Version 1.0 Adding the Food and Drink Specials.

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