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Pirat_hostname_advert - Version v07-10-29

posted on 2006-08-15 09:55:58
by Cap'tain ta race


Hello, Here is a simple addons who add adverts in your hostname and change it each time a new map is loaded. Adverts choice is doing in a list in es_hostname_advert_db.txt file. The choice is done by randomize. You can personalize your own adverts and there is no limit of the numbers of adverts.

Version Notes For v07-10-29

Updated on: 2007-10-29 15:23:20 EST by Cap'tain ta race (View Zip Contents)
[u]NEW VERSION 07-10-29:[/u] - this version work only with ES v2.0 + - new file in text format to add your hostname. - really faster. File hostname_list.txt example: the lines begining with ## are comments. [code]## partie commune pour tous les hostname [common] FR **LES PIRATES** ##liste de la seconde partie du hostname [list] sans bazouka No RPG[/code]

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