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Match Admin Mod - Version 1.3

posted on 2010-07-06 18:19:24
by qwern


[b][color=#FF0000]INFORMATION: 07/02/2013 - [/color] I have now updated the script due to Preds Match Admin isn't updated yet. This script could be a quick alternative when Preds Match Admin is down. This script doesn't include restart server or manage players.[i] (removed in my update) [/i]I would recommend you downloading sourcemod for that and use this plugin to setup the matches.[/b] ------------------------------------- [u][b]It got theese folowing options:[/b][/u] [LIST] [*] Activate Configs, [i]such as brush and war settings.[/i] [*] Live on 3 [*] Alter Passwords [*] Settings, [i]such as enable/disable alltalk, allchat and pause command. [/i] [*] Stop currently match [/LIST] [u]How to add an Admin?[/u] You can add an admin in the es_pcwmenu.txt file. Go to the line: [code] es_xset pcw_admins "STEAM_0:0:00000000 STEAM_0:0:00000000 STEAM_0:0:00000000 " [/code]Remove the random steam id's, and put your Admins steam ids in the line, and separate them with a space... [u]What is the command?[/u] The command to open the menu is: !match You can change it to go into the es_pcwmenu.txt file and go to the bottom of the script and change: [quote]event player_say { if (event_var(text) == "[color=#FF0000]!match[/color]") do[/quote] [u]How do I change the passwords?[/u] Go to the pcwmenu\cfg\passwords folder and choose a cfg file. password1 <- is the first password in the menu password2 <- is the second password in the menu .. If you choose password1, you can change the sv_password to your own password. When you have changed it, save the config and go to: es_pcwmenu.txt and change the following part: [quote] popup create run_pw popup addline run_pw ".: Alter Passwords :. " popup addline run_pw " " popup addline run_pw "[color=#FF0000]1. pcw321[/color] [i]<- TO THE PASSWORD YOU JUST HAVE CHANGED[/i]"[/quote] Save the file and restart the server. [u]How do I edit something in the configs?[/u] Simply go to pcwmenu\cfg\configs, and change the match settings for your liking :)!


upload the folder to your cstrike. So it will be: cstrike\addons\eventscripts\pcwmenu\es_pcwmenu.txt Add es_load pcwmenu to your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 1.3

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