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One Shot One Kill - Version 3.1

posted on 2009-08-08 02:53:34
by SeriousKillerNaruto

Requires: *[url=]Corelib's Damage modification by l'In20cible[/url]


Si l'on se prend une balle on meurs direct. If we take one shot we die. [b][size=125]Discussion[/size][/b] Version Française : English Version :


il faut extraire le contenu de l'archive dans le dossier cstrike et écrivez dans le fichier autoexec.cfg cette ligne suivante : [code]es_load oneshotonekill[/code] ------------------------- extract it in cstrike folder and then type in autoexec.cfg [code]es_load oneshotonekill[/code]

Version Notes For 3.1

Updated on: 2012-02-05 18:27:21 EST by SeriousKillerNaruto (View Zip Contents)
v1.0: -------------- functions: if shot once you die v1.1: -------------- fix: addhealth removed v2.0: -------------- the addon is now in python v2.1: -------------- fix: damage command works now v2.2: -------------- fix: damage taken by world can't kill you in one hit as shot does v3.0: -------------- addon completely rewritten players have 0 hp and when they fall a prehook check the fall velocity so they dont die falling from too high added a command to set fall damage : osok_falldamage v3.1: -------------- moved back to damage command added corelib's damage modification made by l'in20cible

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