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OneManArmy - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-10-21 19:37:03
by 3R10N



[color=red][size=24]OneManArmy[/size][/color] [color=green][size=12]Description:[/size][/color] [quote]In OneManArmy a random player is chosen a few seconds after round start. When he is chosen he will be put in a OneManArmy consisting of himself. He must either kill everyone, finish a objective, or if be killed. If he is killed then the killer will be put on his/her own one man team.[/quote] Screenshots/Videos: [b]Video:[/b] Know that the video I made only shows the effects of the mod and will not really give you serveral amounts of information. For the most part its just to show that the mod does something, when I get a better video card I will upload a video show a whole match ;) [list]Higher Quality - [url][/url][/list] [list]Photobucket - [url]┬Ąt=css.flv[/url][/list] The [b]screenshots[/b] are livable: [list][url=]After I kill the One Man it says I become part of my own OneManArmy and I switch teams and sets my health[/url][/list] [list][url=]This is a picture of a Man in his own OneManArmy, he can also look like a terrorist or whatever skin you want him to ;) But it is recommended you give him a custom color :)[/url][/list] If you there are any bugs please post it in the [url=]forums[/url] If you have any requests please post it on [url=]OneManArmy's Featurelist[/url]


// ***************************************************************************** // *Installation: * // *[Put the onemanarmy folder in your /cstrike/eventscripts/ folder] * // *[Then put 'es_load onemanarmy' in your autoexec.cfg in your cfg folder] * // *[Changing the options goto the oma_settings.cfg in the onemanarmy folder] * // *****************************************************************************

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2008-10-25 11:49:37 EST by 3R10N (View Zip Contents)
Added 3 Game Modes Fixed any upcoming errors Made it more user friendly ;)

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