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OddBlood by Mattie - Version V1.0

posted on 2006-07-09 03:58:44
by Mattie


[b][size=24][color=blue]Odd[/color][color=red]Blood[/color][/size][/b][size=24][color=blue] v1.0 by Mattie[/color] [/size] [size=16]OddBlood allows players to choose weird things they want to spray out of their victims.[/size] [color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] [color=green]------------------------------[/color][list][*]EventScripts v1.1 Beta or higher [b](This is a [url=]new release here[/url].)[/b] [*]Mani Admin Plugin v1.1.0w+ and v1.2N RC23 or higher [/list][color=green]------------------------------[/color] [color=blue][b]Features:[/b][/color] [color=green]------------------------------[/color] Players can say !oddblood to bring up the oddblood menu. Their settings are remembered permanently. Whenever they hurt someone, they'll see the "odd blood" shooting from their victims. Players can change their personalized blood effects whenever they want. See screenshot of menu below for the list of options [color=green]------------------------------[/color] [color=blue][b]Installation:[/b][/color] [color=green]------------------------------[/color][list][*]Download [url=]es_oddblood.txt[/url] [*]Place it into [b]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/oddblood/es_oddblood.txt[/b] [*]Edit your Mani texturelist.txt file like the following. (Basically just add the [color=red]red[/color] lines) [b]cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin/[color=red]texturelist.txt [/color][/b] [code]"texturelist.txt" { // List textures to be available for custom effects via ma_effect // The first label is the name you use within the ma_effect command to reference // the sprite texture, the second is the location of the sprite itself withing /hl2/materials/ // You can view the sprites from the Valve Hammer Editor. "lightning" "sprites/lgtning.vmt" "smoke" "sprites/steam1.vmt" "blueglow" "sprites/blueglow1.vmt" "crystalbeam" "sprites/crystal_beam1.vmt" [color=red] "rib" "models/gibs/hgibs_rib.mdl" "scapula" "models/gibs/hgibs_scapula.mdl" "spine" "models/gibs/hgibs_spine.mdl" "skull1" "models/gibs/hgibs.mdl" "dollar" "models/props/cs_assault/dollar.mdl" "turtle" "models/props/de_tides/vending_turtle.mdl" "toilet" "models/props/cs_militia/toilet.mdl" "mug" "models/props/cs_office/coffee_mug.mdl" "pylon" "models/props_junk/TrafficCone001a.mdl" "banana" "models/props/cs_italy/bananna.mdl" "fish" "models/props/de_inferno/goldfish.mdl" [/color] "downloads" { // Add your auto downloads here, each player will be forced // to download this content // // "my_vmtfile.vmt" "materials/sprites/custom/mani_admin_plugin/mani_logo.vmt" // "my_vtffile.vtf" "materials/sprites/custom/mani_admin_plugin/mani_logo.vtf" } }[/code] [*]Add: [b]es_load oddblood[/b] to you autoexec.cfg. [*]Restart your server! [/list] Let me know if you have questions or comments. Enjoy! -Mattie

Version Notes For V1.0

Updated on: 2007-07-13 11:30:20 EST by Mattie
Initial Release.

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