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finished with campers for ever(ORANGEBOX) ScreenShot

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finished with campers for ever(ORANGEBOX) - Version 1.9

posted on 2010-08-13 09:09:48
by plutoabc


This addon will make campers to be not campers, and afks. There's also an option for afk people not to be affected by this addon an example cud be you, When a player is camping withing game units of the same spot for seconds, they will be slapped, dealt damage and told not to camp. All options are configurable, this addon is working on the new ORANGEBOX [img][/img] .


Extract all files to your cstrike >>>> addons >>>> eventscripts and config the anticamp.cfg file and add add es_load anticamp to your autoexec.cfg restart your server and no more afk or camp

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working on orangebox

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