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Caskio's Zombify Menu ScreenShot

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Caskio's Zombify Menu - Version 3.5

posted on 2007-12-17 13:55:51
by CaskioUTF



Type "!zombify" or bind "zombify" to a key in the console to summon the menu of players eligible to be zombified. (eg. bind "/" "zombify") Place your admins in the zadmin_db file for privileges to use the menu. Added a new Admin modification menu. 1 main admin is needed in the zadmin_db and the rest can be added through the menu itself or manually through the text file. [b]For anyone using the old versions, please update your zadmins_db file![/b]

Version Notes For 3.5

Updated on: 2008-04-05 09:35:41 EST by CaskioUTF (View Zip Contents)
[b]v3.5[/b] ------------------ -Uses userid for zombie_player [b]v3.35[/b] ------------------ -Fixed zombify bug [b]v3.3[/b] ------------------ -Fixed bug in zombie spawning -Fixed user messages for non-access [b]v3.2[/b] ------------------ -Fixed an issue with zombie spawning -Fixed zombifiable player list to not include the dead [b]v3.1[/b] ------------------ -Added Admin Adding/Editing/Removing Capabilities -Fixed admin checks [b]v3.0[/b] ------------------ -Converted to Python for use with ES 2.0

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