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Music 4.1.15 - Version Music 4.1.15

posted on 2010-05-13 09:07:14
by TheCheeTaH


Simply allows ALL to type: !music, and then the person, will be able to choose a song, that the person will hear.. Music admins can type !musicforce, and a menu will show up, where he can force all/specific person, to a specific song.. There are quite a lot commands, but you can reach most of the commands from !musicpanel, and learn more about em in !musicmenu Script used to be private, but since I ain't working on it anymore, I saw no reason to not share it.. Or well, if I get a request, I'll probably do the request. Note: This is a upgrade to "Music Say", but this won't work with HL2DM, like music say did.. Also here you don't type !pizza, but type !music, and find the song.. It has it's good and bad sites..


extract to cstrike, and put "es_xload music" in your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For Music 4.1.15

Updated on: 2010-09-16 11:48:19 EST by TheCheeTaH (View Zip Contents)
___ Music 4.1.15 ___ # Added an option to only let admins use this script. # Added a !music_play_all command it's like !music_play, but forces all to listen to the song. Of course only for admins. # Added more songs:[code] Byz - Do you wanna fuck Lasgo - All Night Longs Lasgo - Alone Tonight Lasgo - Believe Lasgo - Cry 4 You Lasgo - Deep In Your Heart Lasgo - Far Awat Lasgo - Gone Lasgo - Hold Me Now Lasgo - In My Ams Lasgo - Lost Lasgo - Lying Lasgo - Night On Fire Lasgo - Only You Lasgo - Out Of My Mind Lasgo - Over You Lasgo - Serendipity Lasgo - Smile Lasgo - Still Lasgo - Surrender Lasgo - Take Off Lasgo - Tell Me Lasgo - Tonight Lasgo - True Lasgo - Who's That Girl Lasgo - Yesterday Milk Inc - Positive Cowstrophobia Milk Inc - Blind Milk Inc - Breathe Without You Milk Inc - Cowmen Milk Inc - Go To Hell Milk Inc - I Don't Care Milk Inc - In My Eyes Milk Inc - Inside of Me Milk Inc - La Vache Milk Inc - Land of the Living Milk Inc - Livin' A Lie Milk Inc - Never Again Milk Inc - Nnever Again Milk Inc - No Angel Milk Inc - Oceans Milk Inc - Promise Milk Inc - Run Milk Inc - Saxy-Motion Milk Inc - Sleepwalker Milk Inc - Sleepwalkter Milk Inc - Sunrise Milk Inc - Tainted Love Milk Inc - The Sun Always Shines on TV Milk Inc - Time Milk Inc - Walk on Water Milk Inc - Whisper Milk Inc - Wide Awake[/code]

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