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My Secret Password - Version 1.0 Beta

posted on 2010-05-26 23:11:24
by .:MiB:.


This is a fun addon for servers which lets to make passcodes/passwords that when said they do something. You can easily make your own as well. First start by making your block that will give the passcode/password its effect when said. Example: [syntax="es"] block ~win~ { es_tell event_var(userid) #multi #greenYOU WON NOTHING! } [/syntax] Then add it into the es_msp_blocks.txt file Next create your new passcode. Example: [quote] "I WIN!" // The passcode/password { "block" "~win~" // The name of your block. "max_amount" "0" // The max times it can be said until disabled. So if a player said I WIN! that passcode would activate and then get disabled for everyone. "player_max_amount" "0" // The max amount a player can say the passcode. So if a player said I WIN! after x amount of times it would be disabled for that player. "current_amount" "0" // Dont mess with this, this is the counter for the max_amount setting. } [/quote] After you make your passcode/password restart your server and enjoy!


Add es_load msp to your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 1.0 Beta

Updated on: 2010-06-16 06:15:44 EST by .:MiB:. (View Zip Contents)
First Release.

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