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Model Disguiser - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-10-20 20:32:25
by killergp123



[color=blue]You type !disguise and choose whatever you model you want to be disguised to admins can type !disguise and disguise anyone that has that in their name[/color] [size=16][color=green]Features:[/size][/color] [color=blue]* Fully customizable, just edit the config block to change models/menu(noob friendly) * You can set how much the models cost to buy * You can set chicken sounds and feathers to be on or off *admins can set skins for anyone for free *admins can use #t #ct #all #human or #bot to change models of any player that falls into the category chosen *admins can type !mdadmin and change some commands in-game *You can set bots to spawn as a random model *You can set the percentage of chance for bot to be random model *You can set admin commands to be broadcast to everyone, or only the admin that did it.[/color] [size=16][color=green]Additional Requirements:[/size][/color][color=blue] * Auth Provider from Mattie Eventscripts(needed for admin commands)[/color] [size=16][color=green]Installation:[/size][/color] [color=blue]* Unpack the zip-file into your cstrike folder and upload the files * Edit config settings in addons/eventscripts/model_disguiser/mdconfig.cfg * Add this to your autoexec.cfg: es_load model_disguiser [/color]Enjoy :D

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2007-11-08 13:18:57 EST by killergp123 (View Zip Contents)
[color=blue][size=16]Changelog Version 1.2(current release)[/color][/size] [list][b][*]Converted to python [*]Added a chance of bots to have random model on spawn [*]Added an admin menu to change config in-game [*]Added an option to announce admin commands to public or not[/b][/list] [color=blue][size=16]Version 1.1[/color][/size] [list][b] [*]Added #human, #t, #ct, #bot, #all to admin !disguise [*]Added Chicken Model, with sounds, and feathers on damage [*]Fixed it so menu goes away after selection [*]Fixed a money glitch, where you would sometimes get the disguise for free. [*]Thanks to posts on the forums, and SumGuy14 over xfire, the barrel no longer needs to be downloaded.[/list][/b]

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