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MB_Redie - Version v1.0

posted on 2006-12-07 00:01:25
by MBchrono

Tags: css fun


[b]ALSO REQUIRES [url=]ES_TOOLS .416+[/url][/b] This script will allow dead players to respawn as ghosts by typing !redie in chat. As a ghost you are forbidden to pick up any weapons and items. You will also be restricted from hostage rescue, and bomb defusals. You will be physically walking around and able to interact with physics. This can be both fun and can also psyche out alive players. *Note: As a ghost, bots will completely ignore you, so you can use this script with them. [b]Things To Remember:[/b] Just thought I would make a small list of things you can and cannot do as ghosts to help people out. Ghosts CANNOT do the following: - Buy weapons - Pickup weapons - Pickup items - Defuse bomb - Rescue hostages Ghosts CAN do the following: - Interact with physics - Physically walk around, not fly around. About Ghosts: - Bots will not notice ghosts, they are fully compatiable with this script. - Ghosts do have footsteps - Ghosts will not block alive people

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