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Matrix Mod: Reloaded - Version v1.0

posted on 2006-01-13 22:03:23
by MBchrono


[b]Also requires [url=]ES_TOOLS .416+[/url][/b] [color=red]There is now a Wiki for Matrix Mod. I am slowly working on it, and anybody is welcome to add their own information. Just please don't be a jerk and destroy current information. You can visit the wiki at: [/color] [color=blue][url=]Matrix Wiki[/url][/color] [color=blue][b]READ THIS FIRST!![/b][/color] If by chance you have installed ANY PREVIOUS VERSION Matrix Mod on your server before, you will need to completely delete that off your server. Much has changed in this release and any old files could cause the mod to not work correctly. This includes character databases. ALL OLD FILES MUST BE REMOVED. [b]About:[/b] Matrix Mod: Reloaded is my attempt to combine RPG character advancement, with Matrix style effects. There are 11 characters, each with their own abilities, loadouts, strengths, and weaknesses. You level up by performing various actions, including killing enemies, planting the bomb, resucing hostages, etc. When you level up you are given a statpoint. You can increase one of four stats by using the points. These stats are: Health, Speed, Defense, Melee Damage. Each character also has a special ability. These can be performed by binding a key to !focus. Your ability gets stronger as your increase in level. There are also matrix style effects and moves. Bullet Time is a big part of the mod and some characters can even activate it themselves. You can also hyper jump across buildings like in the movies. There are many more matrix effects to discover. Check it out!

Version Notes For v1.0

Updated on: 2007-07-12 11:24:03 EST by MBchrono (View Zip Contents)
[quote] [size=18][color=red]Matrix Mod: Reloaded v1.0[/color][/size] [b]Code:[/b] - Performance increase. Further optimized for ES 1.5 - Cleaned up many error messages - No longer use upper case keygroup names/keys. Caused obvious problems with linux - More typos fixed [b]Bug Fixes:[/b] - You will no longer become Seraph if you choose Ghost while you are dead. - Fixed bug that would very rarely keep bullet time enabled when the map changed. - Focus only regenerates for players that are alive. It was giving everybody focus before. - Trinity's ability will now increase the clip size of her primary weapon, even if you change it in the options. Before it would only work if it was a mac10. [b]Additions and Tweaks:[/b] - The Matrix will now detect your current version of eventscripts. If you are running an incompatible version you will be notified at the beginning of each round by a series of annoying messages, and how to remedy the problem. - Character skills that increase speed/jumping/etc will now scale as a player increases in character levels. It was using hard numbers before that would make the ability not as potent when used by a higher level character. At lower levels, because of the change, abilities will probably seem weaker, but at higher level they will eventually be more powerful than the last version. - Added a few effects to some of the abilities to make em prettier. - Reduced amount of sounds needed. - Bullet Time sounds should sync up better. [b]Commands:[/b] - Added new command !debug. This command can only be performed in server console. It will check your current version of eventscripts and that all subscripts have loaded correctly. If it detects something it will send a message and let you know what did not load correctly. [b]Character Abilities:[/b] - Niobe's ability will now inspire and increase your teammates (And her own) stats within a certain range. (Increases with ability level) - All levels of Twin's invis have been improved. This will make Twin decent even with a level 1 ability. [b]TODO:[/b] - Squash any bugs that show up - Redo Ghost's ability [/quote]

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