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MB_Implants BETA *Updated 10/27/06* - Version Beta 1

posted on 2006-10-05 00:08:30
by MBchrono

Tags: css fun gameplay


[b]ALSO REQUIRES [url=]ES_TOOLS .416+[/url][/b] [b]This mod is still being slowly worked on.[/b] Equip implants into various parts of your body and gain special effects. Think of it as dystopia in css. This is something I have had in my mind for a long time now. Not all of it is done because of time issues I cannot do bug tests so I ask that you guys and gals help me out and try to break the script and find bugs. This is a BETA. There are many more features in mind for the future. Basically, there are 5 parts of the body you can insert implants. Head, Body, Arms, Groin, and Legs. Each area has 2 implants (for now). There is also an experimental implant section. These are NOT in the beta right now, but once they are done, they will offer better effects for players, for a cost. An experimental implant may fail, and cause you harm. A break down of the implants look like this: [color=red][b]HEAD[/b][/color] Mechanical Eyes - You are immune to flashbangs Steel Cranium - Immune to headshots [color=red][b]ARMS[/b][/color] Muscular Growth - Increased knife damage Cybernetic Arms - Not Completed!! - Will reduce recoil [color=red][b] BODY[/b][/color] Adreneline Injection - Constant health regeneration Artificial Heart - Increases Max HP [color=red][b]GROIN[/b][/color] Titanium Groin - You take no damage when shot in groin Stealth Generator - Partial invisiblity [color=red][b]LEGS[/b][/color] Cybernetic Legs - Incrased Speed Nanobot Injection - Increased Jump [color=red] [b]EXPERIMENTAL[/b][/color] Cerebral ESP - NOT IN BETA - THIS WILL SENSE NEARBY ENEMIES You can set how many total implants (2 by default) a player can have. There is also an Implant Equip Time, that is similar to buy time when a player spawns. You can set how long after you spawn you can buy implants. You can always change out implants while dead. All sounds are HL2 sounds, so there is no need for clients to download them.

Version Notes For Beta 1

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Initial beta release

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