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MB_Deaglematch - Version v1.1

posted on 2006-05-20 21:13:54
by MBchrono

Tags: css weapons


This is an extremely simple script. I wanted to try something very easy for my first addon. I have just delt with script packs up to this point. I am a huge fan of deagle matches and deagle maps. Instead of waiting to reload, you now have unlimited ammo. You have no ammo in your ammo pool and if you hit reload, it reloads your current clip. It also reloads your gun if you fire your weapon on empty. Speed is very slightly modified as is health. You can change both of these very easily in block load. You will also recieve a hegrenade.

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Updated on: 2007-07-12 11:13:15 EST by MBchrono (View Zip Contents)
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