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MB_Achievements - Version v1.0

posted on 2007-10-16 15:07:52
by MBchrono


After almost 1 year since my last new script release, I decided to sit down yesterday and put something together. I didn't see anything like this before so here it is. I usually create mods for fun servers only, but this one as uses on any server. Hope you enjoy. [b]Requirments:[/b] Eventscripts 1.5+ [b]About[/b]: This mod will add an achievement system similar to TF2 or Xbox live that players can unlock. While unlocking is only for fun purposes, I suppose it can be used to bragging rites as well. As with all my scripts this one is fully customizable. Every achievement can be easily renamed, and the conditions in which to earn the achievements can be altered. A list of current achievements: - There are 4 achievements that are unlocked by getting kills. You can set how many kills and the names of each rank in the config. - Suicide achievement - Bomb plants achievement - Bomb defuses achievement - Bomb explode achievement - Knife kills achievement - Scout headshot kills achievement - Kill streak achievement - Grenade kills achievement - Hostage rescue achievement Again, the number required for each achievement can be changed. [b]Installation:[/b] Extract all the contents of the .zip into your cstrike folder. Open up cstrike/cfg/achievements and edit settings to your liking. Afterwards, open your autoexec.cfg and add the following: [code]es_load mb_achievements[/code] [b]Screenshots[/b] [img][/img] Page 1 [img][/img] Page 2 [img][/img] Kill Streak Achievement complete. I know it says blademaster... :P [img][/img] 4th level of kill achievement requires 1000 kills by default [img][/img] Demo message of achievement being awarded

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Updated on: 2007-10-16 15:16:41 EST by MBchrono (View Zip Contents)
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