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maplevels - Version 1.8

posted on 2009-09-02 02:18:45
by elcabong

Tags: css map rpg


addon for any script that keeps track of levels on a per round basis, for example i use zombie horror, however, you could call this script using delay functions from map start there are 2 modes, story and fun maps each with their own blocks to call. in story mode, the first menu that pops us gives you 3 option of places to go, for example for my zombie server i use 1 hold this area 2 the snowy north 3 the desert after this is submitted which ever vote wins will bring up its own set of maps. after this, the second block is called for to give the same map list for this area. block reset can be called to reset the script, this is good for when you zero out the levels in the other script


1. Install Mattie's EventScripts 2. Copy all of this script code into a new textfile: /addons/eventscripts/maplevels/es_maplevels.txt 3. Edit the top part of block load with your vote and map names 4. add these to your script that keeps levels: es_xdoblock maplevels/levelpick1 ---- this should be in round_end and calls the story mode vote popups es_xdoblock maplevels/levelpickfinale ---- this is also called in round end for the finale map choice es_xdoblock maplevels/levelfun1popup ---- this calls the fun map vote, can be called anytime es_xdoblock maplevels/reset ---- resets back to pick1, call this when you reset your levels in the other script 5. edit level keeping script so that it only resets the level after 'winning' (where maplevels/reset should be called), not on map_start or map_change 6. Add the following line somewhere in autoexec.cfg and restart your server es_load maplevels see thread for info on an example of how to call this from another script

Version Notes For 1.8

Updated on: 2009-10-22 21:30:57 EST by elcabong (View Zip Contents)
10/22/2009 - fixed issue where if finale vote is called after only extending the map it now shows only 1 group of maps instead of all 3

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