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Mapconfigs - Version 1.0.1

posted on 2010-01-05 08:31:42
by Carsten8


With this script you can execute [b]different cfg files[/b] for [b]different maptypes[/b] so you can play i.e. gungame, surf and normal maps [b]on the same server[/b] with [b]different scripts and configs[/b] for each of those maptypes. Just install the script and create/edit the cfg files in cstrike/cfg/mapconfigs. [b]Make sure you give the files the correct name![/b] cs.cfg for cs_ maps de.cfg for de_ maps etc. Have fun and don't forget to +w00t :)


1. Extract all folders and files in the archive to you cstrike directory. 2. Create and edit the cfg files in cstrike/cfg/mapconfigs. 3. Add "es_xload mapconfigs" (without the "") to you autoexec.cfg 4. Give this script a w00t, restart your server and have fun :)

Version Notes For 1.0.1

Updated on: 2010-01-05 08:52:41 EST by Carsten8 (View Zip Contents)
- Added some Infos [b]Only testet with Counter-Strike: Source![/b]

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