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LooneyOneInChamber - Version 1.2a

posted on 2011-01-31 16:22:19
by 101satoon101

Requires: [url=]EZRestrict[/url]

Tags: css


This mod was a request. It is a mod from CoD. Players get the same gun and only 1 bullet to start the round, along with the knife as well. You can 'earn' 1 bullet for each kill you have. It also only takes 1 shot to kill anyone, so aim but be quick.


Extract Zip file into your ..<gamename>/ folder. Extract [url=]EZRestrict[/url] into your ..<gamename>/ folder. Add [b]es_load ezrestrict[/b] in your autoexec.cfg. Add [b]es_load looneyoneinchamber[/b] in your autoexec.cfg [b][color=red]after[/color] es_load ezrestrict[/b] . After the first time es_load-ing the script, a file called loic_config.cfg will appear in your [color=blue]../addons/eventscripts/looneyoneinchamber/[/color] folder. Edit that file to your liking.

Version Notes For 1.2a

Updated on: 2011-02-01 16:12:58 EST by 101satoon101 (View Zip Contents)
Fixed error (again) for script to be used on current "released" version of EventScripts

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