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Ojii's Life Insurance - Version 1.2.0

posted on 2008-08-10 18:10:28
by ojii



[b]Recommended Requirements[/b] Either [url=]bbank[/url] or [url=]ba_bank[/url]. Ojii's Life Insurance integrates into their money system. [b]Feature[/b] Players who die will get revived if they have a Life Insurance. [b]Configuration (Static)[/b] To configure Ojii's Life Insurance open the file with your text-editor of choice. [i]bank[/i] = string: name of the bank you want to use (one of those three: 'nobank','bbank','ba_bank'). Nobank means normal ingame cash will be used. [i]levels[/i] = dict: Configure the name, costs, respawns and health of the three levels and whether or not you get your weapons on respawn. Don't add additional levels! [i]multipacks[/i] = dict: Add special offers. The key is the amount of Credits one buys and the value the percentage the user gets off. (0.1 = 10%) [b]Configuration (Dynamic)[/b] To change a dynamic configuration variable either change it in the file /cfg/life_insurance.cfg and wait for the next round_end or use the console command. [i]NOTE: console commands are prefixed with li_[/i] [i]language[/i]: Either 'en','de' or 'fr'. Defines the language for menus and messages. [i]welcome_message[/i]: Either 1 or 0. Enables or disables the welcome message for new players. [b]Ingame Usage[/b] Ojii's Life Insurance comes with two commands: [i]!insurance[/i] (chat) opens a menu with all options. [i]insurance_quickbuy[/i] (client console) same as option 1 form the menu. (for key binding)


es_install life_insurance

Version Notes For 1.2.0

Updated on: 2008-08-12 09:07:34 EST by ojii (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*]Fixed Fatal Error: Buffer Overflow [*]Static menus will now be re written on language change [/list]

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